Help your patients achieve better results in diabetes management

Undermyfork Care is a powerful tool to monitor patients’ postprandial glucose and help them improve their Time in Range

Patient nutrition at your fingertips
  • Meal photos and corresponding postprandial CGM data
  • Meal context data: bolus insulin, carbs, patients’ notes and tags, activity levels (in development)
See the big picture
  • Monthly view with CGM data for every day at the bottom of calendar cell
  • Сheck the patient’s day-by-day data at one glance to find out the problematic periods to look
  • Choose a particular day to examine the details, or select a period of time to create a glucose profile report
  • Hypoglycemia events are highlighted
Zoom into the details
Examine 24 hours glucose data for a selected day accompanied with bolus insulin data, and patient’s meals details: meal photo, meal tags, carbs, preprandial and postprandial glucose measurements, postprandial Time in Range and patient’s note
Evaluate patients’ progress with reports
Generate a printable PDF-report with a patient’s overview and in-depth data to optimize their diabetes management
See an example
Interactive postprandial glucose profile
  • Identify meals that are “flat narrow”, causing glucose spikes, or are followed by hypoglycemia
  • Compare how different meal ingredients affect post-prandial glucose
  • Find foods contributing the most to Time in Range / Above Range
  • Check timing and amount of bolus associated with the meals
Ready to use in health systems
  • Top-notch solution for remote patient monitoring and best remote care for your patients
  • Data Security: GDPR / CCPA / HIPAA compliant
  • Export data into your EHR (in development)
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